For No Good Reason

Sometimes life happens. It just does. Maybe you get knocked off the horse and decide you need to walk beside it for a while before jumping back on.

The past year has been awesome. Another little boy (is he not the cutest?!). Another summer. Winter. Spring. Some parts have not been great. It has been a hard transition and I am finally able to say that aloud. The great part is I’m finally jumping back on with you all here. The demons of “You Can’t” and “You’re Not” aren’t welcome ’round these parts anymore. It feels so good to get some sewing creativity back in my life.

To celebrate I made something for my youngest, Pierce. It was part of a challenge for a sewing group I joined recently but other than that…it was for no good reason. Just to light a fire. The challenge was to use the Hope Dress/Capri pattern from My Little Plumcake and since I have boys I thought it would be fun to do a boy version. To give myself a little more trouble I decided that I would only use things I already had in my sewing room. No extra trips to the store.

Added some white piping.

Some cute sailboat buttons.

The result was adorable and with the addition of a bow tie my dapper lad was ready for trouble. Which is exactly what he gave me as I tried chasing him all over to grab these shots!