Hur man pratar med familj och vänner om att få en äggdonor Aggdonationegv

Behandla Speedier med professionella lakare

Jag ar fet. Kommer detta att paverka mina sannolikheter for att ha en bebis?

De flesta kvinnor som ar feta uppfattar sig utan att det ar svart. Men om du har ett BMI (kroppsindex) pa 30 eller hogre, kan det paverka hur fritt du ar. Det kan vara svarare for dig att bli gravid an om du befann dig inom ett halsosamt omrade, vilket ar ett BMI pa mellan 18,5 och 25.

Att vara overviktig kan orsaka hormonforskjutningar obalanser inom dig. Detta kan orsaka att du ar mer osannolikt att agglossning, vilket kan gora det mer utmanande att fa vanta pa en bebis.

Det ar battre for din halsa om du gar ner i vikt innan du blir gravid, och okar dina chanser att bli gravid. Om du ar overviktig medan du ar gravid, okar din risk for att utveckla graviditetsdiabetes.

Det finns steg du kan vidta for att oka dina chanser att bli gravid. Det ar de goda nyheterna. Om det har slutat, ga ner i vikt genom att ata halsosamt och ta motion kan kickstartaggning.

En ovningsklass eller kroppsviktande besattning kan erbjuda den inspiration du behover for att kasta extra vikt och behalla den. Sok pa natet for att fa en regional klass, kolla pa ditt lokala fritidshjarta eller fraga efter din doktors kirurgiska ingrepp.

Bestam det som att utova dig som mest, oavsett om det ar jogging, cykling, simning och tradgardsarbete eller en dansskola. Du kommer att vara benagen att gora det till en typisk aspekt av ditt liv. Du kan ifragasatta en kompis att delta nagon for att ge en annan stimulans for att behalla riktigt.

Ibland ar viktproblem vanligen ett symptom pa polycystisk ovarieorder (PCOS), liksom:

ovanliga eller obefintliga tider

onormal harvaxt

dalig akne

PCOS har inte alltid dessa symtom, men tala med din lakare om du tror att du kan bli paverkad.

Att ga ner i vikt kan hjalpa dig att bli gravid om du har PCOS och ar overviktig. Det kan eventuellt minska PCOS varningsskyltar, genom att forbattra ditt hormon jamvikt och reglera dina blodsockernivaer i blodet.

Att vidta atgarder for att forbattra din halsa kan ocksa oka dina chanser att bli gravida om du har valt hjalpmedelsmetoder. Att vara overviktig kan gora in vitro fertilisering (IVF) mindre effektiv. En recension visar att overvikt kan gora att du borde bara halften som mer sannolikt att ha valmaende IVF, jamfort med tjejer som kan vara en halsosam oonskad vikt.

Din lakare ska kunna ge dig rad om du har svart att ga ner i vikt. Och du kan anmala dig till andra mamma-att-vara som rakar forsoka ga ner i vikt i BabyCenters samhalle.

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The Bodice

I’m grateful the pattern resizing angels were watching over me during my initial redraft of the Maggie Mae Tunic/Dress by Schwin and Schwin. The only piece I had to fix was the bodice! Here is a before picture:

The lower bodice fit perfect with an exact ease so I didn’t want to do anything to the upper bodice that would make me have to change the lower bodice. I came up with two ideas.

The first idea was since I only had an issue with the gap at the neckline and the lower part of the bodice was perfect that I could made a graded (slanted) line that would eliminate the extra fabric at the top.

The second idea was to take the whole bodice piece in 3/4″ (since the extra fabric equaled 1 1/2″) along the A/B edge of the bodice and redraw the lines.

I decided to go forward with the second idea. Things I thought of that would be wrong with the first idea were this:

1.) For the upper bodice piece on the fold (front) the lower part of the bodice would be a vintage sweetheart shape, not the nice rounded edge.

2.) Because the fold is slanted considerably the boat neck shape and consequently the shoulder would have been altered by implementing this idea.

The lower bodice fit perfectly however I added 1″ to the bottom edge of this piece for personal preference. I wanted the seam below my bustline and it wasn’t quite there. Adding 1″ made it PERFECT!

You will have to excuse the big blogger no no…but I couldn’t wait to share the final result so I had to take a selfie (a self portrait). I will post some cute pictures with the nice camera as soon as I can grab a few minutes from my husband. I was pretty sure you all wouldn’t mind though!


The Maggie Mae Skirt

The Maggie Mae skirt will haunt me. Maybe because I’m SO excited to make this for myself I lost track of measurements. It might be because it was just rectangles and golly those things are crazy to work with! It was a good laugh all around and what fun is sewing and creating if we can’t laugh along the way?!

Here is what I did wrong the first time. I took my waist measurement and added my ease. Why was this wrong? The lower bodice is NOT fitted so my skirt was too small.

Try again, right? Yup! Second time I measured my lower bodice and added my ease of 4″. Why was this wrong? Well…lets just say my mama hips didn’t have enough clearance.

Third time is the charm? YES! I finally achieved the Maggie Mae skirt I wanted by using this formula:

1.) Measure waist.

2.) Double that measurement.

3.) Account for seam allowance.

4.) Make sure it clears your hip measurement. If it doesn’t, add a little more. Best advice, you can always cut off can’t always add more!

After you cut your skirt, cut your skirt band the same width. As I posted previously I used a 10″ width for my skirt and a 6″ width for my skirt band.

It will be a full looking skirt but you will see in the next post the fullness taken in by the small pleats or gathers compliments the top perfectly. Lets start working through the changes I made in the bodice of the Maggie Mae Tunic/Dress pattern by Schwin and Schwin!

First Fitting for My Maggie Mae

If you’re happening on this post and have missed the beginning of this adventure check out the inspiration post and the resizing post before you continue reading here or you’ll be a tad confused.

After you have resized the pattern pieces you need to test your pattern. This is usually called a muslin since it is sewn out of muslin fabric. I’m so bad about making a test sew. I have such a narrow window of sewing time for me that I usually just adjust a pattern as I go and leave the muslin for the fancy stuff. Not recommending this approach, just being honest.

Since circumstances demanded a muslin this time I got out some of my cute, spare solid fabric and started cutting. If it worked I had a cute top, if not, I was just down some solid fabric. I constructed the pattern exactly how it is written. The directions were great too so a big THANK YOU to Schwin & Schwin.

This is a shot of the side seam. If you remember from the resize post I doubled the seam allowance. So when I sewed the side seams together I used a 5/8″ seam allowance.

To finish the seam I turned the raw edge of the seam under the seam allowance and topstitched the underarm catching the top of the seam.

So here it is on for the first fitting for my Maggie Mae! The ONLY fit issue I had for the bodice was the gap at the neckline. Not bad! I will cover my ideas to remedy this in the next post.

Have any of you been inspired to start resizing a pattern yet? Which one?