The Bodice

I’m grateful the pattern resizing angels were watching over me during my initial redraft of the Maggie Mae Tunic/Dress by Schwin and Schwin. The only piece I had to fix was the bodice! Here is a before picture:

The lower bodice fit perfect with an exact ease so I didn’t want to do anything to the upper bodice that would make me have to change the lower bodice. I came up with two ideas.

The first idea was since I only had an issue with the gap at the neckline and the lower part of the bodice was perfect that I could made a graded (slanted) line that would eliminate the extra fabric at the top.

The second idea was to take the whole bodice piece in 3/4″ (since the extra fabric equaled 1 1/2″) along the A/B edge of the bodice and redraw the lines.

I decided to go forward with the second idea. Things I thought of that would be wrong with the first idea were this:

1.) For the upper bodice piece on the fold (front) the lower part of the bodice would be a vintage sweetheart shape, not the nice rounded edge.

2.) Because the fold is slanted considerably the boat neck shape and consequently the shoulder would have been altered by implementing this idea.

The lower bodice fit perfectly however I added 1″ to the bottom edge of this piece for personal preference. I wanted the seam below my bustline and it wasn’t quite there. Adding 1″ made it PERFECT!

You will have to excuse the big blogger no no…but I couldn’t wait to share the final result so I had to take a selfie (a self portrait). I will post some cute pictures with the nice camera as soon as I can grab a few minutes from my husband. I was pretty sure you all wouldn’t mind though!


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