Kinda hard to digest the fact my oldest is 3 1/2. Yesterday was our first homeschool coop day and it was really surreal. I swear just yesterday I was at coop taking classes. Am I really a mom now?

The kids made “all about me” boards. This took forever with my little guy. Up down. Paints markers. A little here. Lets do more tomorrow. Try to sit down. As my crafty, type A, this-is-how-it-should-be impulses started to kick in I stopped them. This isn’t about me. So what if the board made no sense to anyone else in the group? What was going to happen if it wasn’t organized and pretty? Who cares if that looks like a reindeer to me than a dog? This is about him. Let it go. Mom lesson learned, again.

I loved every second of the time with him yesterday. Watching Pierce scamper around after his big brother made the “it happens at the blink of an eye” real. I know a few years from now I’ll look back on this with tears in my eyes as I gather his papers for graduation. It happens so quickly. Enjoy in it. Be with them where they are.


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