The Maggie Mae Skirt

The Maggie Mae skirt will haunt me. Maybe because I’m SO excited to make this for myself I lost track of measurements. It might be because it was just rectangles and golly those things are crazy to work with! It was a good laugh all around and what fun is sewing and creating if we can’t laugh along the way?!

Here is what I did wrong the first time. I took my waist measurement and added my ease. Why was this wrong? The lower bodice is NOT fitted so my skirt was too small.

Try again, right? Yup! Second time I measured my lower bodice and added my ease of 4″. Why was this wrong? Well…lets just say my mama hips didn’t have enough clearance.

Third time is the charm? YES! I finally achieved the Maggie Mae skirt I wanted by using this formula:

1.) Measure waist.

2.) Double that measurement.

3.) Account for seam allowance.

4.) Make sure it clears your hip measurement. If it doesn’t, add a little more. Best advice, you can always cut off can’t always add more!

After you cut your skirt, cut your skirt band the same width. As I posted previously I used a 10″ width for my skirt and a 6″ width for my skirt band.

It will be a full looking skirt but you will see in the next post the fullness taken in by the small pleats or gathers compliments the top perfectly. Lets start working through the changes I made in the bodice of the Maggie Mae Tunic/Dress pattern by Schwin and Schwin!

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