Getting Inspired: Resizing the Maggie Mae Pattern by Schwin & Schwin

There are a ton of things that inspire me and gratefully I’ve never been afraid to cut up some fabric and give an idea a try. When I saw the Maggie Mae pattern by Schwin & Schwin I had to have it. I love the trendy color blocking. I love the easy fit that could cover a variety of occasions.

Problem #1: I don’t have little girls.

Problem #2: It only goes up to a size 10 girls.

Still couldn’t get it out of my head. So I purchased the pattern and set out resizing the Maggie Mae pattern by Schwin & Schwin to fit me. The next few posts I’m going to cover what I did, what I learned and how much fun the final result is! I’m not a professional drafter, however after almost 20 years of working with patterns I have some general feel for what adjustments need to be made. Here we go!

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