First Fitting for My Maggie Mae

If you’re happening on this post and have missed the beginning of this adventure check out the inspiration post and the resizing post¬†before you continue reading here or you’ll be a tad confused.

After you have resized the pattern pieces you need to test your pattern. This is usually called a muslin since it is sewn out of muslin fabric. I’m so bad about making a test sew. I have such a narrow window of sewing time for me that I usually just adjust a pattern as I go and leave the muslin for the fancy stuff. Not recommending this approach, just being honest.

Since circumstances demanded a muslin this time I got out some of my cute, spare solid fabric and started cutting. If it worked I had a cute top, if not, I was just down some solid fabric. I constructed the pattern exactly how it is written. The directions were great too so a big THANK YOU to Schwin & Schwin.

This is a shot of the side seam. If you remember from the resize post I doubled the seam allowance. So when I sewed the side seams together I used a 5/8″ seam allowance.

To finish the seam I turned the raw edge of the seam under the seam allowance and topstitched the underarm catching the top of the seam.

So here it is on for the first fitting for my Maggie Mae! The ONLY fit issue I had for the bodice was the gap at the neckline. Not bad! I will cover my ideas to remedy this in the next post.

Have any of you been inspired to start resizing a pattern yet? Which one?

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