Quick Applique Lettering

Appliques come in many shapes and sizes and are a very popular form of personalizing projects and gifts today. I’ve been using these steps for quick applique lettering for years now and found it is not only fast with professional results but because I can use any font the options are endless! Layers of Steam A SeamFirst you will want to grab some Steam-A-Seam II Lite from your local craft store. This is a fusible web of glue layered between to identical sheets of a waxy type paper. Steam-A-Seam II Lite is my favorite because it works every time, no question. The fusible in the middle is slightly sticky so I can test the placement of my design or pieces of my design and pick them up and move them as I want to before fusing and they stay in place. This product comes in many shapes and sizes (I love the tapes for so many sewing tasks!) but for this technique you will need the sheets.

Draw the applique in reverseNext you will need to print your letter or letters off from your computer onto regular printing paper in the size you want. Reverse the letter and then trace the reversed letter onto the Steam-A-Seam II Lite sheet. Make sure you keep all 3 layers of the fusible together for the tracing.

Placing the applique on the fabricWhen you are done tracing, roughly cut around the letter and peel off the waxy paper you did not trace on. Place the fusible, sticky side down onto the wrong side of your fabric.

Fusing the applique to the fabricPress with a hot iron. Do not use steam.

Cutting out the appliqueCut out your letter on the traced line.

Removing the backingGently peel away the second waxy paper side from the fusible web.

Placing the applique on the base fabricPosition the quick applique lettering onto your project. Feel free to move and reposition until just right! When you are happy with the placement of your letter, use the steam setting on your iron and fuse the letter to your base fabric. Steam well. This will activate the fusible web and allow it to bind the fibers of the letter to the base fabric permanently.

Using your sewing machine feet for perfect topstitchingFor the final step in quick applique lettering we need to stitch the letter in place. You can select a decorative stitch, a satin stitch to give the appearance of embroidery or just a simple straight stitch. The best piece of advice I have when you applique is to find a point on your sewing machine foot to use as a marker along the edge of the lettering while you sew. This will not only give you straight stitching around your letter but watching the foot instead of the needle will leave your eyes less tired and strained.

Topstitching your applique in place

For tips on getting perfect corners watch the pivoting how-to video and I will share this finished project in just a few weeks!

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