Nina Labels

Oh Pinterest. What did we do before you?! Ever since I started Nina 5 years ago┬áI’ve been wishing, waiting, hoping I could gather enough pennies to get my own Nina labels made. They are expensive and the quanities don’t really allow you to be creative or have a variety of colors. While on one of my many pinning episodes I saw this pin and visited the blog post where the author outlined a very simple solution to creating your own labels, Spoonflower.

Nina Logo for Spoonflower labels

It took 10 minutes and $11. I uploaded my logo. Selected the repeat option and decided for my first run to only do a fat quarter size.

Nina logo with repeat option on Fat Quarter size

About 10 days later I got my Nina labels! Beautifully printed. Perfect color matching. I’m thrilled. There were approximately 20 labels (in my large size) on the fabric.

Nina Printed Labels from Spoonflower

I have already sent in my second order on a heavier fabric and at about a 50% size reduction for my smaller items. I’ve already started to create some personalized tags for ChristmasSo excited to continue to play with this and many thanks to See Kate Sew for the wonderful tutorial!


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